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Wellward is more than a clinic – it’s a movement to reclaim health. Traditional medicine is often overly focused on treating symptoms rather than causes. This can lead to avoidable surgeries or prescribing medication upon more medication….and more medication to combat the side effects of the medication. At Wellward, we believe bodies were built to heal. Pain is simply a reflection of the body’s efforts to fix itself. When pain persists, something has gone awry with that process. Numbing pain and neglecting injury is a short-sighted solution. Wellward finds and treats the root cause of pain.

  We take the latest scientific breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine and personally tailor it to your body to maximize healing potential. This organic approach leads to sustainable solutions. Wellward takes healing beyond medicine.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Danesh
Dr. Danesh
Anesthesiologist and Regenerative Specialist
Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D.,a native Kentuckian and the visionary behind Wellward. As a Johns Hopkins trained, double board certified physician, he is passionate about the innovating sustainable treatments for injury and pain.
Dr. Omidy
Dr. Omidy
Dr. Andrea Omidy is an expert in disordered eating and food addiction. Her passion is in guiding people’s understanding in the behaviors involved in eating and helping them rediscover their confidence.
Dr. Maz
Dr. Maz
Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist
Manoochehr Mazloomdoost M.D. (known as Dr. Maz) is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist. He is a pioneer in pain management and among the forefathers of this field since 1983.
Dr. Shirazi
Dr. Shirazi
Camellia Shirazi M.D. has a unique background combining anesthesiology and psychiatry to bring greater insight to the cause and effect of mental health problems particularly in the context of physical pain.
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones
Physician's Assistant
Dawn Jones is a Physician's Assitant that trained at the University of Kentucky after working in mental health for several years. She has always had an exceptional passion for integrative medicine.
Mora Snapp
Mora Snapp
Lab Supervisor
Mora Snapp, M.L.T is the lab supervisor. For the past 4 years Mora has dedicated herself to finding the last piece of each patient's unique puzzle, ensuring excellent care.


Ours is not a clock-in, clock-out workplace. At Wellward, we come to work with a purpose to change healthcare. For us, nothing is more valuable than health. We envision a new model of care that empowers people to nurture themselves and live at their full potential. Wellward is our purpose.


Band-aid treatments are not enough; we strive for sustainable solutions. But we also understand that some problems lack an easy fix. For those, we recognize the need for endurance and are committed to helping you find the means to endure.


Let’s face it, nobody is perfect. But collectively we balance each other out, learn from each other, and come closer to perfect every day. In every endeavor, we seek to refine our actions and strive toward accomplishments that exceed the everyday expectations.


The future is created by new ideas. We are fearless in deconstructing “the way things are,” setting aside what doesn’t work to find new ideas that do.


Monumental tasks are never accomplished alone. Our team realizes that and strives to work together in redefining healthcare's role in people's lives. That extends to our patients with whom we partner to find sustainable solutions to challenging problems in reclaiming our health.

By embracing these values, we help our patients live at the pinnacle of their bodies’ potential. But we are just 1 PIECE of the solution. It begins with you, and we are here to help make it happen.

Optimize your body’s potential for health.

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