Weather Changes

With the many wonderful changes that come with the turn of the season, so comes the change in weather.  While we associate the chilly air with an increase in colds and other respiratory infections, there is another common response to the cool temperatures: those with chronic pain conditions experience more intense and widespread pain.

The cold weather causes the fluids in your joints to become more sluggish, resulting in joint fluids that don’t provide enough lubrication.  Even if you stay indoors where it is warm, the changes in barometric pressure can affect joint pain.

Make sure to layer up during these cooler months.  Wear gloves, even indoors; fingerless gloves allow for more manual dexterity while still keeping hands and wrists warm.  Wear thick wool socks, a scarf and a hat.  These layers keep in body heat, which keeps the blood circulating throughout the body.  Additionally, you can apply a heating pad to a sore area to reduce inflammation.