Pain Mapping

Conventional medicine has become fractured by insurance restrictions and loopholes, clinicians and health records that fail to communicate, and mountains of regulation. As a result, patient care suffers; patients with complex pain issues see many specialists and clinics, undergo sophisticated tests, go through physical therapy, all with unsuccessful outcomes before finding us. Often the problem is in the mystery of what is causing pain. It requires a knowledgeable, experienced clinician to look at the patient, as a whole, assimilate all the workups previously conducted, and put everything together. Without this, patients often feel frustrated, confused, hurt, and frankly hopeless on top of their debilitating pain. At Wellward, we have developed a unique process to efficiently identify the root cause of pain in a single visit. We call it Pain Mapping.

Patients are given as much time as needed with the clinician to tell their story and review all their medical records. As opposed to the piecemeal process imposed by insurance regulations, this comprehensive review includes all of the diagnostic injections and workup that would otherwise take weeks or months to complete. Patients will get a full explanation of their pain, triggers to avoid, and treatment plan needed to maximize health and recovery.  We believe that even patients with complex problems can thrive when empowered by knowing themselves better.