Address The Root of Your Relationship Issues

Join Wellward for a transformative retreat that uses ketamine-assisted therapy to help couples work through emotional barriers and rediscover their connection. Our licensed physicians and guides create a safe and supportive environment for you and your partner to build emotional awareness, communicate effectively, and work through any challenges that may be standing in the way of a stronger, healthier relationship.

Ketamine has been found to help with many issues, including depression and trauma processing, and can lead to breakthroughs for both individuals and couples. During the session, you'll experience a safe, relaxed, vulnerable, and open state that allows you to process emotions and re-analyze thoughts without fear, anxiety, or self-blame. Our retreats are designed to create an atmosphere of mindfulness and openness, giving you and your partner the tools to grow together as you navigate the ups and downs of your relationship.

The result is a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship, leading to breakthroughs that might take years to achieve through traditional therapy alone. You'll leave feeling more connected, mindful, and open, with a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. Don't let your relationship hurdles hold you back from experiencing the love and connection you deserve. Join Wellward and embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship growth.

We Invite You to A Ketamine Retreat at Our Facility

Why Should You Attend?

Over the years, we have conducted numerous healing programs, but nothing compares to the life-changing experience we have in store for you. You will undergo a smaller dose of ketamine that is 100% guided, ensuring your safety as you familiarize yourself with this new experience. Many individuals often experience pleasant sensations and emotional release. Ketamine anesthetizes the middle brain, where pain and emotional processing occur, allowing people to return to a mental and emotional baseline after experiencing it. At the end of the day, you will be introduced to ketamine therapy, which can unlock some of your subconscious programming and its relation to your nervous system and somatic intelligence.

You will learn to let go of limiting beliefs and blocked emotions that perpetuate a chronic feedback loop, preventing the release of depression and anxiety triggers and hindering you from creating the life you desire. We will assist you in dispelling misconceptions that currently influence your life experiences. We provide you with the tools to achieve virtually anything you desire. After your session, you will be debriefed, and we will delve deeper into experiential therapies such as Reiki and Tai Chi. Additionally, we offer Art Therapy, Massage, and Psychodynamic Process Groups that focus on intimacy, communication, and conflict resolution. These therapies beautifully complement the ketamine experience, providing a cutting-edge approach that is unique to Wellward.

Unlike other similar programs, we provide aftercare integration therapy. Ketamine has demonstrated powerful effects in treating chronic PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and various other challenging issues. Instead of employing cookie-cutter antidepressant medications like other approaches, our unique therapeutic experience offers individualized guidance from experts in the fields of mental health and pain. During your orientation, you will develop a sense of safety and trust, allowing you to delve deeper into understanding the ketamine therapy process.

Here’s What You’re Getting at This Retreat

  • 1 Full day, fully Doctor guided ketamine sessions to be held at the world-class training and education center, Wellward Wellness Center – a tranquil space to connect with oneself and others. We have suggestions for accommodations that you can book within minutes of the retreat center.
  • Medical evaluations from staff physicians, orientation and delicious healthy daily group breakfast and lunch where we can share our experiences.
  •  Wellward Way Program that explains a holistic framework to reclaiming mental health & wellness – beyond the Retreat experience.
  • Integration exercises after each therapy which include sharing your experiences in a safe, non-judgemental group of like-minded individuals with our coaching team.
  • Massage Therapy for couples or individuals available throughout the day
  • Healing with ketamine happens in a powerful way as a complement to talk therapy

What is Ketamine and how does it work?

Ketamine therapy, also known as Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, is a treatment approach that utilizes the anesthetic drug Ketamine to facilitate psychological healing and transformation. Originally developed as an anesthetic and analgesic medication, Ketamine has gained recognition for its potential in treating various mental health conditions, particularly treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Depression can lead you to withdraw from the things and people you care about.

Take back what is important to you

Health journalism is abuzz with articles on ketamine therapy. Once used as a psychedelic party drug, this anesthetic has been repurposed to treat neuropathic pain, opioid and substance dependency, and treatment resistant depression. The New York Times reports that ketamine has “recently emerged as a promising mental health treatment” and “...success in early trials has surprised and excited researchers who study mood disorders.” 

A piece in Forbes explains, “For someone with severe depression, the rapid antidepressant effects of ketamine can help bring them back to baseline, at least for a window of time.” Well before the current hype surrounding ketamine, Wellward Medical developed a unique Ketamine Infusion Therapy program. Calling upon the expertise of our staff anesthesiologist, psychiatrist and mental health counselor, Wellward utilizes a safe, guided process for ketamine administration. Our integrated approach assures the most effective and efficient treatment, since our clinicians take into account the intertwined nature of brain physiology, the chemistry of mood disorders, and the psychology of trauma.

About the Event 

Our spots are limited, so we can give you the most hands-on experience in a small group setting, and they sell out quickly as we only have 12 spots available

1Why Only 12 People?
Deeply transformational therapies like ketamine and equine therapy are better administered in a small group, intimate setting with more attention from facilitators. We want you to have the best possible experience so this is why we limit enrollment..
2How Is It Different From Other Ketamine Therapies?
At-home or clinically administered ketamine therapies can help but it can be difficult to feel safe and supported during your self-guided sessions. This is why we prefer to work in a group setting with a full staff of experts to help you with any questions, fears or concerns you may encounter. We also help with integration which is a huge part of the healing process as you can literally release emotional blocks and traumas during just one session. During this group retreat, you will experience camaraderie and even more support and help you to realize you are not alone- one of the biggest blocks to healing depression!
3Can I Bring a Guest With Me?
We encourage you to come with a partner (friend, or significant other, etc.) who may be dealing with similar blocks or issues. Research has shown that partners that undergo ketamine treatments together will also experience more benefits including more closeness and understanding
4Can I Speak to Someone By Phone If I Have a Specific Question?
If you don’t already know that this event is absolutely for you, we would love to answer your questions by phone. Please call our Director of Training Call us at 859-440-2260 between 9am to 4pm EST to explore any event-related question that is not answered on this page.
5What Can I Expect to Get From Attending This Event?
We'll help you get comfortable and set up for your ketamine treatment after your orientation in our warm and comforting therapy room. The paper thin needle, similar to the ones used for nutritional IVs, will be inserted and is relatively pain-free. During your treatment, you will have carefully delivered measured amounts of ketamine to keep the treatment balanced throughout your session. We'll also monitor your pulse, oxygen levels, and blood pressure to ensure your safety and comfort. After your session, we'll remove the sensors and chat with you about how you're feeling and help you to immediately integrate the experience. Most people are fine to have a light snack after and walk around the center to get ready for the rest of the daily activities.
6How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?
Ninety percent of human communication is non-verbal. Horses are highly social herd animals and they have fine-tuned their non-verbal communication skills over 40 million years. For all of our ketamine retreats, our team of psychiatric clinicians will be available to answer any concerns. Ketamine is a very safe and effective treatment but not appropriate for women who are pregnant, people with hypertension, or people with bi-polar disorder. You may feel slightly foggy or a sensation of floating after your treatment but side-effects are rare. Our ketamine treatments are highly effective for depression and mood disorders, with a success rate of 80-85%. For patients with PTSD, we see an even higher success rate of 85-95%.

Meet Your Retreat Team

Anesthesiologist and Regenerative Specialist

Dr. Danesh

Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D., a native Kentuckian, is the visionary behind Wellward. As a Johns Hopkins trained, double board certified physician, he is passionate about innovating sustainable treatments for injury and pain....
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The child of two physicians dedicated to a healthy perspective on pain, he watched his parents build one of Kentucky’s first multidisciplinary pain clinics. He grew up in this practice and, from their example, pursued medicine. He is now fellowship-trained and dual-board certified in Anesthesiology Pain Management. He is at the frontier of scientific innovation, having trained at prestigious institutions, including Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. His numerous publications include esteemed journal articles and book chapters on new treatments for pain and information technology advances in medicine. Dr. Danesh has a long-standing passion for humanitarian medical relief and has participated in medical projects in Honduras, East Africa, and the Middle East. But he realized that there was also a need in the field of pain treatment in Kentucky. So, he returned home to Kentucky and has been working to fix the problems in healthcare contributing to the opioid epidemic and the neglect of proper treatments for painful conditions. He is now the medical director of Wellward Medical, continuing the legacy begun by his parents.

Dr. Chris Ethridge

Chris Ethridge, M.D. is a Kentucky native who strongly believes in the Wellward vision of healing and innovation. Having attended medical school and then training in family medicine at the University of Louisville, Dr. Ethridge believes in exhausting non-surgical options for the management of injury and pain prior to undergoing invasive surgeries...
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A former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, Dr. Ethridge is no stranger to sports injuries and pain. After seeing the intimate relationship healthcare providers had with their patients both on and off the battlefield, Dr. Ethridge was inspired to move back to Kentucky and pursue medicine. His passion is making connections with patients and providing care in a team-based approach that includes the patient in decision making as opposed to dictating treatment plans. Dr. Ethridge has been married for 18 years to his wonderful wife and has two children, who are what keeps him grounded in life." After seeing the intimate relationship healthcare providers had with their patients both on and off the battlefield, Dr. Ethridge was inspired to move back to Kentucky and pursue medicine. His passion is making connections with patients and providing care in a team-based approach that includes the patient in decision making as opposed to dictating treatment plans. Dr. Ethridge has been married for 18 years to his wonderful wife and has two children, who are what keeps him grounded in life."

Jeannie Wilkins, APRN

I am a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner who believes in a client-centered, holistic approach to healing. I have both inpatient and outpatient clinic experience providing comprehensive care to clients across the lifespan. I am also a certified integrative mental health provider.
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Gillian is a certified Reiki Master and Metaphysician (Delphi University School of Inner Sense Development Metaphysics Degree Program – spiritual training, energy/holistic healing, intuitive development and self-enlightenment studies). She is an E3A (Equine Experiential Association) Certified Advanced Practitioner Personal Development and helped create the E3A Personal Development Teaching Curriculum. Through Gillian’s guidance, Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship has been a pioneer in providing educational opportunities and programs collaborating with a comprehensive team of professionals. Pine Knoll is a center of excellence for the horse-human connection, horse/rider well-being and performance. Gillian created the HorsEmpowerment™ System to explore the potential of the horse-human relationship. Engaging with horses teaches us the importance of clarity and being authentic. Horses are masters of congruency . . . they can see through any mask! Horses mirror “how we show up”! Through these workshops they teach us about: being balanced; observant; non-predatory leadership wisdom; teamwork; emotional intelligence; clear boundaries; self-awareness; problem solving; relationships; trust and the importance of living in the present moment. Equine Experiential Learning is a fully interactive horse-human experience (non-riding) designed to support the facilitation of corporate or personal development workshops. Prior horse experience is not required. Through a series of interactive goal orientated exercises our co-facilitators (the horses) provide instant honest feedback in the present moment. The learning process is based on the principle – how we do one thing is most likely how we do everything. Our job (as your facilitator) is to observe this horse-human interaction and based on our extensive equine knowledge and facilitation expertise, integrate this information into a learning opportunity.
Reiki Master

Fariba Shirazi

Fariba says about Reiki: I can learn how to relax myself when I put all my attention in my body, and learn to quiet the hurricane within. Reiki gives us the time to relax, and think of yourself. We can take time to relax, think of ourselves in space and time. We can learn to learn to practice concentrating on your body and your breath, but you can find peace within by seeing how we can overcome obstacles in our lives. We can also learn to step through conflict into peace, serenity, and love - this is what brings us true tranquility.

Paul Joseph, M.A.

Prior to joining Wellward, Paul helped to create adolescent treatment facilities in Southern and Northern California. In doing this work, he learned...
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not only how to work with families in crisis, but also was able to see some of what non-traditional holistic therapies can do for people who are yearning for answers to difficult problems. Paul also has spent many years working with chronically mentally ill and homeless youth and adults, in Los Angeles both Kentucky.
  • Jerry
    Ketamine helped completely change my perception of many of the painful experiences I kept trapped inside my body. With the professional guidance I was able to feel the emotions and then release them. An absolute game-changer for me.
  • Paul
    I felt for days and weeks so much more connected to the world in a way that I never had prior. When I meditate now on that, I am taken back to that miracle, and have so much gratitude as a result.
  • Jenni S
    It is a gorgeous and welcoming spot! ❤
    Jenni S
  • Brigette D
    Fantastic facility with really nice, qualified, people that believe not only in what they do but in you too. Highly recommend.
    Brigette D

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