Dr. Danesh

Anesthesiologist and Regenerative Specialist

Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D., a native Kentuckian, is the visionary behind Wellward. As a Johns Hopkins trained, double board certified physician, he is passionate about innovating sustainable treatments for injury and pain.

The child of two physicians dedicated to a healthy perspective on pain, he watched his parents build one of Kentucky’s first multidisciplinary pain clinics. He grew up in this practice and, from their example, pursued medicine. He is now fellowship-trained and dual-board certified in Anesthesiology Pain Management. He is at the frontier of scientific innovation, having trained at prestigious institutions including Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. His numerous publications include esteemed journal articles and book chapters on new treatments for pain and information technology advances in medicine. Dr. Danesh has a long-standing passion for humanitarian medical relief and has participated in medical projects in Honduras, East Africa, and the Middle East. But he realized that there was also a need in the field of pain treatment in Kentucky. So, he returned home to Kentucky and has been working to fix the problems in healthcare contributing to the opioid epidemic and the neglect of proper treatments for painful conditions. He is now the medical director of Wellward Medical, continuing the legacy begun by his parents.


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