Fifty Shades of Pain: 10 Years of Knee Pain, Finally Some Answers

Fifty Shades of Pain: 10 Years of Knee Pain, Finally Some Answers

Knee pain affects people of all ages –  Weekend warriors, grandparents playing with their grandkids, and young athletes.  It can take away our freedom, our stress relief, and who we are as individuals.

Since no two knees are alike, treating knee pain is especially challenging.  Some knees are perfectly painless but look terrible on an x-ray, and some people never get an answer as to why their knees hurt, even after expensive testing.

We look at things differently at Wellward.  We don’t just say you’ll need surgery because the X-Ray looks ugly, and we would never just mask your pain with pills.  We aim for sustainable fixes that are tailored to your needs.

We get to the source of your pain.  

When someone understands what exactly is the problem, then a solution can be discovered. 

This approach distinguishes us from other practices.  We use the H.E.A.L. methodology to get you to where you want to be, and finally get back the life you’ve envisioned.


Hear the message the body conveys with pain

At Wellward,  world renown clinicians apply our proprietary investigation process.  A thorough biomechanical examination will be coupled with live imaging to see your tissues in real time.  This identifies the tissues that we can confirm with pain blocks.  Nowhere else will you find such a thorough pain investigation!

Envision the life you want outside of pain

Pain is complicated and never affects only your joints.  The mental toll chronic pain takes is a part of what makes pain such a difficult condition to overcome.  Wellward’s staff and treatments help people envision their life again in spite of pain.

Alleviate your pain

Once the source of the pain is identified, the work of multiple disciplines is applied to help your pain and give you relief.  From nerve blocks and joint medications, to acupuncture and massage and the MLS laser, we utilize cutting-edge tools and research to help control your pain symptoms so you can start to live your life again.  We even have inside knowledge of the best chiropractors and physical therapists in the area to refer you to as well.

Leverage your body’s ability to respond to an injury and FINALLY recover

Once your pain is under better control, then we start to work with some of the most advanced techniques to kick start your internal healing process.  At Wellward, we can create a unique state of healing that can finally allow you to recover the way you’ve wanted.

Our office staff works with your insurance company to get you on the pathway to recovery and optimize your internal healing process.  Most visits and investigative processes are covered by insurance, and most do not need a referral.  

Our physical assessments are given by providers who teach orthopedics, biomechanical assessments, and diagnostics around the world.  Chronic knee pain ALWAYS causes compensations above and below the knee.  If these compensations from joints that have stiffened or tissues that have scarred aren’t identified, the best treatments in the world will only get mediocre results.  Our team will identify these problems as part of our standard of care.

Have you ever had pain, then had a hard time pinpointing it at the doctor’s office? This happens to the best of us.  This is why we include imaging such as real-time ultrasound in your examination.  We can look inside your joints to see the tissues, talk to you about pain, and even test the joints while under the image to see what happens when you move, not just when you’re lying on the examination table.

The modern medical system has made it difficult for physicians to give the care patients deserve.  At Wellward, we have all been patients and know it can be done better.  Call us so we can get you started on your journey to Wellness again.

Flying in from out of town for treatment?  Use our Wellward discount to make your stay more affordable.  Our staff can give you guidance for any accommodations you may need.  Call our office at 859-275-4878 to get started today!