Functional Movements (MedFit-FM)

Functional Movements (MedFit-FM)

MedFit-FM is a dashboard for identifying injuries before they happen. As bodies age, tendons become brittle, muscles weaken, joints loosen, and coordination starts to wobble. Even athletic bodies may fall out of sync, having strengthened one area but neglected another.

We work with both healthy and injured bodies to maximize health. Whether it’s a limitation in coordination, balance, or strength MedFit-FM will identify it and give you a plan to regain control of your body. Our experts in exercise physiology have a deeper understanding than the average personal trainer, as they put scientific research behind their strategy.

It starts with a Functional Movement Screening which takes you through a comprehensive set of activities to assess your body for healthy movements & body control. This process enables us to identify the components of your body that are too weak to protect you from injury or have already caused injuries that result in pain.

With this, we build a comprehensive health plan including nutritional counseling, tailored exercises, and lifestyle coaching. If you have medical limitations to optimizing health, we expedite you through our medical clinic so our physicians can collaborate with your team of health advocates.

At Wellward, we are passionate about understanding how your physical state limits your goals in life. Whether it’s to play with your grandkids, jog with friends, tend your garden, or return to hobbies you once enjoyed, we are here to get you back to YOUR peak physical condition regardless of your age or health.

Today is the perfect time to regain control of your body and enhance your everyday experience. It starts with you but we are here to make it happen.