Genetic Direction Testing

Genetic Direction Programs and Pricing

We’re taking the guess work out of healthy living


GX Slim Direction Program
  • Weight Management
  • 48 genetic markers tested, 16 traits scored
  • Food, nutrient, and exercise recommendations to achieve a healthy weight without the trial and error

**ask MedFit how this helps customize your regimen**


GX Renew Direction Program
  • Healthy aging
  • 94 genetic markers tested, 28 traits scored
  • Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations to look and feel better for longer


GX Nutrient Genetic Direction
  • Micronutrient tendency
  • 42 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored
  • Genetic predisposition to being normal, below average, or low in key vitamins and minerals

**pair this with our IV Vitamin Nutrition**


Coming soon GX Perform perfect for determining peak athletic performance! 100 genetic markers tested. 15 traits are scored including but not limited to: training response, fuel utilization, and recovery recommendations all based on the client’s genotype.


1st Program – $299

2nd Program – $150

3rd Program – $100

4th Program – $100

23 and me Direction Program

If you have already done testing with 23 and Me ask about the discounted rates!