Introducing Medically Guided Massage Program at Wellward

Introducing Medically Guided Massage Program at Wellward

Wellward Regenerative Medicine is now offering Medically Guided Massages (MGM). Your Wellward clinician has unique insight into your pain points and muscle tone given your injuries. This information is very valuable to a massage therapist. Wellward is introducing a unique service bringing these two disciplines together.

During MGM sessions, a Wellward Clinician will coordinate and work alongside a Licensed Massage Therapist to treat trigger points affecting your pain and help relax tension caused by overworked muscles. Alongside the therapeutic massage, our clinical staff may enhance the outcome by performing a variety of other services like injections, MLS laser therapy, and others.

Pain can impair or alter the way muscles move and operate. For example, someone with a sprained ankle may be able to walk but does so by limping, which is the body’s work-around to that injury. When it comes to chronic pain, these changes begin to affect the normal tone held by muscles; some muscles tighten excessively while others go limp, changing the way forces are distributed throughout the body. Over time, these changes fatigue areas not built for those forces, causing fibers to become vulnerable to tearing and scarring. These areas eventually become pain trigger points.

Massage therapy is a great way to have a professional hone in on these injured trigger points. When massage therapists and trained medical clinicians team up, massage therapy is a game-changer for chronic pain rehabilitation.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, now is the time to see if a session is right for you! Anyone looking for professional massage therapy and clinical evaluation will greatly benefit from this service as well.

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