(Video) Low Back Pain: Get the Answers You Need - Part 1

(Video) Low Back Pain: Get the Answers You Need - Part 1

Can a telehealth visit help reduce my back pain? Don’t I need to be seen in person?

Yes, a telehealth visit can help in treating back pain! The history or story of how you started to have pain and what kind of pain you have is the most important tool in figuring out what’s wrong. There is so much that can be done with just a televisit.

For example, a patient can go through a series of movements and explain how certain positions or stresses cause pain or help ease pain. Many initial evaluations involve this kind of screening in order to understand how your body is influenced by pain. A face-to-face visit may allow us to feel changes within your body, but just talking and teaching you what to look for can turn you into our medical team’s eyes, ears, and hands.

The majority of back pain starts off as soft tissue problems and these problems can be readily found with just the history and physical exam. These can sometimes be even more accurate than X-Rays or MRIs. That’s because radiology is often giving evidence to your history, not what’s going on right now. As we age, our bodies change both externally as well as internally, so imaging can be helpful but it’s not the whole picture.

If you have back pain, chronic or new-onset pain, please make an appointment with us. There is a lot that we can do for you to help alleviate some of the pain, even during the quarantine.