New Year, New You

New Year, New You

New Year’s resolutions are a tricky business! We all feel great at the start and then somewhere along the way lose traction. Whether it’s because you get too busy, don’t see the results you want, or simply feel overwhelmed with it all, we wanted to provide you with some great tips on how to keep it simple and accomplish your goals!

First you have to start with the “why” – why did you decide upon this resolution/goal? Best selling author and international speaker Simon Sinek discusses the importance of your why at length in his books and talks (if you aren’t familiar with him definitely check him out!). Sinek explains how “the WHY can guide [you] to act with purpose, on purpose”.  Let’s do a role play exercise! Your resolution is to get healthier…why do you want to? Answer: my kids/grandkids. Why do you want to do that for them? Answer: So I can be around for them for a long time! Why do you want to live longer for them? Answer: Because I don’t want to miss out on their big life events – graduation, career, marriage, etc. Piecing apart your why will help bring clarity when you start to feel unmotivated to push forward!

Second, you have to make a plan. Keep it simple and scalable! By keeping it simple, the feelings of being overwhelmed are far less likely to take hold. By setting small targets to reach on the way to your goal, you are reinforcing the simplicity, creating accountability, and getting organized! Let’s say your goal is to lose weight, how would you start? Answer: choose healthier food options and exercise. Get out your calendar and pick the days you plan to workout – chose days you know are feasible vs. days you will be rushed and more likely to put it off. Think what food choices you could mix up. If you would typically eat a red meat and pasta at dinner swap it out for chicken or fish and rice. If you love bread (I know I do!) decide to cut it out/back 3 days a week instead of eating it every day. We’re so fortunate today to have so many free tools at our finger tips for healthy meal planning and easy at home exercises that make losing weight an attainable goal! At Wellward we believe your health is an investment not an expense but we also understand that often times other responsibilities take priority over putting funds towards your health so we’d like to extend a little gift….check out Wellward University at password changemylife for free meal plans, food journals, recipes, and more! You’re welcome 😉

Third, do it with love! How often do negative thoughts enter your mind? How do you combat them, or do you? When negativity seeps try this instead: talk to yourself like you would a friend. Would you tell a friend “yah there is NO way you’re going to lose that weight, you are SO lazy!” – of course you wouldn’t! You would encourage and bolster your friend helping them gain the confidence to overcome their self-doubt. Do yourself the same favor! For every negative thought, remind yourself of two things you are grateful for. You’d be amazed how quickly your outlook will change! While these tips will work wonders, you may in fact still relapse from your well crafted resolution program – then what?! Put people around you that will embolden you and support your goals because as soon as you start to stumble they can be there to help pick you back up. Join or create a Facebook accountability group or ask a friend(s)/spouse/family member to tag along in your efforts.

We wish everyone the best of luck in this new year and blessings abound. As always, if we can ever be of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Wellward and forward friends!