COVID-19 Can’t Prevent You from Healing

COVID-19 Can’t Prevent You from Healing

Get the Medical Treatment You Need Today and Avoid Delays

The Wellward team has been very busy implementing the appropriate COVID-19 response measures. We are ready and willing to help patients who have had a disruption in their care because of the virus.

In the midst of this temporary crisis, Wellward is offering telehealth examinations and appointments to patients who may not be able to get care elsewhere. Telehealth appointments allow you to get the medical attention necessary until face-to-face examinations are possible again.

At Wellward, we evaluate and treat the whole person, not just symptoms of physical pain. We know there are strong connections between physical and mental pain. The coronavirus is adding a tremendous amount of mental stress and fatigue to many people. If this applies to you, your body may be depleting resources faster than usual making any problem more noticeable.

Our medical staff is trained and ready to help anyone affected by injury, pain, anxiety, or depression during COVID-19. The Wellward team will provide strategies to help optimize your well-being, ease your mind, and make you more prone to healing during this difficult time.

After doctors’ offices reopen, there will be many people who need appointments. Now is the time to get ahead and avoid the wait! In order to help as many people as possible, we have streamlined and optimized our systems and services. New patient evaluations can be scheduled and conducted within the same week.

We Want to Help You!

If you are struggling to get the care and attention you need, contact us today to schedule an appointment.