Wellward MedFit-MR

The Metabolic Restoration program, MedFit-MR, redefines weight management. Everyone’s metabolism changes continuously, and therefore, so do your dietary and exercise needs. But without insight into these changes, your shape and health may not reflect what you envision for yourself.

Until now, weight loss strategies largely focused on the wrong things. No one can tell you how much you should eat because everyone has different needs. And frankly, your weight is a deceptively inaccurate reflection of health. Muscle weighs more than fat and even as you become healthier, this number can fluctuate upwards, opposite to your expectations. This contradiction can be very discouraging and the reason people lose hope when their goal is to shed pounds.

MedFit-MR eliminates all the confusion. This is not a fad diet or exercise program. Every “body” is unique and fads are a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Through a series of lab tests and scientific measures, we can tell you with scientific certainty what your calorie needs are or how much muscle or fat you currently have. We call these tools BioMetrics – a set of numbers that objectively show progress as you work on improving your health.

MedFit-MR is a scientific method that helps you define a common sense, healthy lifestyle tailored to your unique needs. Our team of health experts give you the coaching, tools, and techniques to not only regain control of your body shape, but get you back to living the life you want.

So are you finally ready to change your life and keep it there?


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