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Pain Has Purpose. Without It, We Wouldn’t Know When Our Body Needs Healing.

We are now offering  Free Seminars right in our offices located at, 101 N. Eagle Creek Drive in Lexington. We will be discussing our custom plans for all types of chronic pain, and clinical depression. Learn about our FDA approved therapy for Osteoarthritis and Ketamine. At this event, we will empower the community by demystifying pain, both physical and emotional, to give you the tools you need to optimize your health. Don’t miss out!


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Healing Beyond Medicine - Alternatives to Pills and Surgery

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101 N Eagle Creek Dr, Lexington, KY 40509

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Cameron Mills

Loves The Wellward Way!

We are proud to have one of UK's heroes in the Elite Eight victory over Duke in the 1998 NCAA Tournament, Cameron Millis, love our brand. Our integrated clinic is dedicated to finding the root cause of your pain to optimize your body’s ability to heal through interventional, physical and functional medicine.

At Wellward, we get that the mind and body are connected. Physical and mental wellbeing are integral to your overall health. We address the whole person…whatever hurts.

We take the latest scientific breakthroughs in natural medicine at the cellular level and personally tailor it to your body to maximize healing potential.

  • Jerry
    Ketamine helped completely change my perception of many of the painful experiences I kept trapped inside my body. With the professional guidance I was able to feel the emotions and then release them. An absolute game-changer for me.
  • Paul
    I felt for days and weeks so much more connected to the world in a way that I never had prior. When I meditate now on that, I am taken back to that miracle, and have so much gratitude as a result.
  • Amy P
    Amy P
  • Jenni S
    It is a gorgeous and welcoming spot! ❤
    Jenni S
  • Brigette D
    Fantastic facility with really nice, qualified, people that believe not only in what they do but in you too. Highly recommend.
    Brigette D
  • Robert
    Dr Shirazzi is great. She has gone beyond making me feel comfortable talking with her. I would recommend her and Wellward to anyone !
  • Kenesha
    The staff here at this facility is awesome. They go out of there way and then some
  • Donna
    Wellward and Dr Danesh have helped me immensely with my pain. I wouldn’t be where I am to today without their care! I would recommend this to everyone who has pain.
  • Blythe J
    I appreciate the expertise of Dr. Danesh and his staff...and would add that the positive, confident, patient style means a lot! Their caring approach contributes to healing.
    Blythe J
  • Onesimo B
    A close family member suffers from depression due to an extremely traumatic childhood, and traumatic events in her college years. This practice is changing her life for the better. There is now hope in her life as well as a better & brighter future.
    Onesimo B
  • Amanda C
    I took my son in for his middle school sports physical last week and he was seen by one of the PA's Trevor. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this visit. Out of all the sports physicals my kids have had this was the most thorough testing they have received. Trevor answered all my questions and eased any concerns I had. I feel confident that my son is healthy and ready to play any sport thanks to Trevor!
    Amanda C

The 50 Shades Of Pain Show

We've created our own YouTube series that we call 50 Shades Of Pain. We release episodes on a regular basis, and we focus on pain management and the latest advances in reparative therapy. To stay up to date on the latest 50 Shades Of Pain episodes, be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

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We Would like to Welcome You To The Wellward Way!!

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