Wellward | Physical Therapy Partnership

Wellward | Physical Therapy Partnership

Wellward is bridging a divide between physical therapy and traditional medicine. Our clinicians are committed to working collaboratively to coordinate our treatments with your rehabilitation for unprecedented patient outcomes. We’ll take great care of your patients and promise to send them back in better shape than when they walked in.

How Wellward Can Help

Wellward can assist you in treating your patients with:

  • Urgent Level Pain Control
  • Collaborative care – from imaging requests to clearance for therapy, we work with you to expedite the care patient’s need
  • Pain Mapping – for difficult diagnostic scenarios
  • Orthobiologics – repairing ligaments/tendons & rebuild joints with prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cell-derived therapies
  • Sports Medicine – non-surgical orthopedic interventions
  • Telemedicine Consults
  • Integrated care – reiki, massage, MLS laser, cupping, acupuncture, BFR consulting.

Urgent Level Pain Management

Every therapist has experienced that moment when pain or the concern for patient safety precludes on-going therapy. Wellward has daily urgent care appointment openings for same-day assessment and pain control interventions. Pain Mapping Wellward has developed a unique, proprietary process called Pain Mappingto efficiently identify the root cause of pain in a single visit. During the procedure, we conduct an assessment of biomechanics and visualize movement via fluoroscopy and ultrasound. This brings the patient to treatment faster, and prevents out-of-control healthcare costs, and often identifies pain causes otherwise overlooked with traditional diagnoses. MLS Laser Therapy MLS stands for Multi-Wave Locked System. The MLS Therapy Laser treats pain, inflammation, and arthritis. Learn more about how MLS Laser Therapy benefits your patients.


“Orthobiologics”, refers to the use of biological substances to help musculoskeletal injuries heal quicker. They are used to improve the healing of fractured bones and injured muscles, tendons and ligaments and are derived from substances that are naturally found in body. This is extraordinarily helpful in cases where physical rehabilitation has plateaued or the patient is not an excellent surgical candidate.

Sports Medicine

Wellward offers cutting-edge sports medicine services to all active people, both professional and recreational athletes. Using science-based rehab and treatment techniques, the Wellward Sports Medicine program can help your patients enhance their overall health through decreased pain, improved nutrition, genetic testing, and sports psychology counseling.

Telemedicine Consults

We can help you expedite the process of pain management from a distance. Our team can conduct virtual consults with you and your patient together. This enables us to partner together more efficiently to provide guidance on pain management strategies or consultation on imaging. Telemedicine consults can be covered through the patient’s insurance.