Wellward: Provider And Clinician Services

When patients are in pain it can be an intimidating and frustrating process for health care providers. Here at Wellward, we understand that pain resolution is a team approach that requires providers from multiple disciplines to work together for the benefit of the patient. As such, we offer special services for clinicians in the community to help with the management of their patients.

How Wellward Can Help

If your patient needs imaging, injections to help with urgent pain control, or a consult regarding options for discovering the source of pain and resolution with regenerative therapies, we can help. Simply schedule a telehealth appointment so we can see your patient with you in your clinic.

What About Insurance? Patients on the following insurance plans do not require a primary care sign-off unless the person is part of an HMO plan (all Medicaid plans still require a PCP sign-off):
  • BCBS Anthem
  • Humana
  • UHC
  • Cigna
  • Medicare

When we work together, the patient wins.
Call 859-275-4878, or e-mail PTC@wellwardmed.com for more information.


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