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Regenerative Medicine is a new medical field that studies how the body heals and how science can enhance this process. It starts with pinpointing the cause. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is impossible to definitively diagnose causes of pain through an x-ray or MRI, and committing to surgery based on this alone seems ridiculous. At Wellward, we start with traditional methods but then take it to the next level by incorporating our innovative approach using live x-ray and ultrasound technologies. We can watch your body move when and where it hurts. This allows us to not only identify what’s causing the pain, it gives us the precision to know that we are targeting exactly what hurts. We don’t just aim for a general area and hope that it works, we get down to the very nerve. Once found, we then identify why your body failed to fix the problem.

Your body has an army of stem cells that activate upon injury and work to rebuild damaged tissue. These stem cells are most active during childhood, which is why children bounce back from injury so easily. As we age, stem cells become less effective and less prevalent, which can lead to chronic injury and pain. This is where Regenerative Medicine excels beyond traditional medicine. Regenerative techniques such as Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and Stem Cells can concentrate your own repair cells at the site of injury and maximize your body’s natural healing responses. Live x-ray and ultrasound imaging then allows us to definitively place the valuable stem cells or growth factors where your body needs it most. These techniques build upon your body’s natural processes with fewer risks than conventional practices utilizing steroids and surgery.

Medfit Program at Wellward Regenerative Medicine

Wellward has launched a Functional Medicine program with our beloved Dawn Jones, PA-C.  Living your best life isn’t easy but we can help you get there. We start off with the Functional Biomarker Panel and the BioScore. The Functional Biomarker Panel is a simple urine test that identifies a deficiency, imbalance, or condition that can cause or worsen pain. Whether it be chronic inflammation, nerve health, or oxidative stress, to name a few – all these things can heighten your sensitivity making it difficult to focus on your overall health!

The BioScore is an objective way to evaluate your physical state and health. We use a set of tools to scientifically measure your metabolism, body composition, and functional abilities. The Bioscore is measured at various intervals, helping us track your progress and further refine your plan as you takes steps toward optimizing your fitness and health.

By combing these two tests, we use the data to formulate a specific plan to meet your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, combating genetic predisposition, or making fitness a priority in your life for the first time – we are here to help you succeed! The precision of this comprehensive approach allows you to maximize your potential. Today is the perfect time to regain control of your body and enhance your everyday experience. Wellward’s Functional Medicine combines science with healthier lifestyle choices. Live your life, better.

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Traditional approaches in medicine often neglect a critical element of healing. At Wellward, we understand that the mind and body are connected. Chronic injury and pain can be overwhelming and if not properly addressed will progressively erode the hope of a better life. Physical and mental states are intertwined. Resources in the brain that help you cope with physical pain also influence your happiness on a chemical level. Serotonin and Dopamine (the “happy” chemicals in your brain) have been shown to equally deplete with either physical injury or emotional pain. Simply put, pain intensifies with depression and with chronic pain depression can form.

At Wellward we take a comprehensive approach to your health and wellbeing. We see the mind as vital to the healing process of the body. A comprehensive plan addressing both mental and physical health can not only make you feel better, but has been scientifically proven to improve your immune system and your body’s ability to bounce back from injury. At Wellward, we take an integrated approach to healing and address the whole person…whatever hurts.

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