Why Your Joints Hurt and What You Can Do About It

Why Your Joints Hurt and What You Can Do About It

Find out why your joints hurt and what you can do to find lasting relief from joint pain!

Your Joints have Wrinkles

Our bodies change as we age. Wrinkles are an obvious sign of this. Wrinkles form over time as skin cells begin to divide more slowly, causing the network of cells and collagen fibers to thin out and lose elasticity. A similar process also happens to the ligaments and tendon attachments in our joints.

Like our skin, ligaments and tendons also lose elasticity and slowly begin to wear out. Bones and cartilage lose density over time, causing the space between joint surfaces to become smaller. This creates slack in the ligaments, resulting in wobbly or unstable joints.

A loose joint has to slide until all the slack is taken up before it can bend. This has
multiple, negative effects:

  • The instability puts ligaments, muscles, and tendons under tremendous stress, which can cause them to snap.
  • The surface area of the joint used to bend is reduced, which puts more pressure on the cartilage.
  • Other parts of the body are vulnerable to injury as they now overcompensate to keep the affected structures stable.
  • The nervous system adapts to this instability and makes you feel less in control of movements.
  • You end up moving less or with less energy because your body is working excessively just to brace itself.

Who is at Risk?

Everyone ages differently. Things like genetics, weight gain, poor posture or alignment, injuries, workplace environment, or osteoarthritis can each contribute to joint problems. Most treatment advice surrounding joint pain is vague and doesn’t always address the root cause of pain. If you go to your doctor for joint pain, they may provide exercises or refer you to a physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon. Sometimes that’s the right treatment plan. Sometimes it is not.

But what if physical therapy alone isn’t enough? What if you don’t actually need surgery yet?

Ironing out the Wrinkles in Your Joints

Regardless of how much pain you are experiencing, how old you are, or what injuries you have, your body always has some capacity to regenerate. Aging bodies may heal a little slower than they used to. But they only need a little extra help to get started.

Wellward views the body through an “Ortho-Regenerative” lens. Meaning, we take the knowledge and expertise of orthopedic doctors and blend it with the latest state-of-the-art regenerative medicine techniques to uncover and treat the root cause of your pain.

Our ortho-regenerative approach helps accurately identify your “joint wrinkles.” Wellward offers a comprehensive program to optimize joint health which helps:

  • Strengthen your ligaments, which is like the superglue keeping joints together
  • Train your muscles to move properly instead of bracing your joints (which is the ligaments’ job).
  • Improve nerve function to make your movements more coordinated.

Get a Custom Joint Health Treatment Plan

Stop suffering from joint aches and pains. Take the first step on your journey to a happy, healthy, pain free life. Getting started is easy!

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2. Discover the Cause of your Pain – Wellward will use Pain Mapping to pin-point the exact muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves that are causing joint pain.

3. Get a Customized Treatment Plan – Wellward will create a customized regenerative treatment plan to optimize your joint health and guide you through each step.

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