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The team at Wellward is passionately committed to educating and empowering individuals in their self-care journey, particularly in the realms of pain management, orthopedics, and mental wellness. We've curated a variety of channels tailored to your interests, providing the latest insights and strategies for optimum well-being. Like and subscribe to stay updated on the latest options:

Wellward Way Podcast

Dive deep with pioneers in healthcare reform on the Wellward Way Podcast. Explore biohacks and secrets previously reserved for elite athletes, top-performing executives, and dedicated weekend warriors. Learn how to optimize performance as you age, harnessing wisdom and techniques that empower a vibrant life.

Fifty Shades of Pain Show

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Fifty Shades of Pain Show, where we empower you with vital knowledge about your body. Understand the impact of age and injury, and discover actionable strategies to stay physically fit and resilient. Embrace a proactive approach to your health, guided by our expert insights.

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Free Books by Dr. Danesh - Reforming Pain and Orthopedic Care

Dr. Danesh, a best-selling author of two significant works, is on a mission to reform pain and orthopedic care. In alignment with this goal, he's willing to give away his books for free. To receive your complimentary copies emailed to you, please sign up below and specify which book you would like:

Fifty Shades of Pain: How to Cheat on Your Surgeon with a Drug-Free Affair

Unlike the welcomed pain popularized in "Fifty Shades of Grey," Fifty Shades of Pain explores a type of pain that dominates but does not titillate. There's no role reversal, no safe word. This pain neither arouses nor returns any favors. It intrudes, erodes, infects, and affects every part of who you are, spreading a contagion of darkness to those you love.

Whether a minor nuisance or a disabling problem, conventional solutions to pain are failing. Pain is often numbed with pills until surgery becomes unavoidable. This approach is based on curing disease instead of preventing it, and change is long overdue. Through personal stories and patient accounts, Dr. Danesh reveals a framework for a scientifically sound and sustainable method that fundamentally changes the culture of pain.

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The Orthobiologics Book – What you need to know about Regenerative Medicine

Learn how to extend the life of your joints and avoid surgery through Wellward’s proprietary HEAL method. The Orthobiologics Book offers practical insights into how you can optimize your lifestyle to take better care of your joints, and when to seek professional help to repair damage caused by conditions such as arthritis, degenerative discs, stenosis, and headaches.

Take advantage of Dr. Danesh's expertise and passion for reforming the way we approach pain and orthopedic care. Sign up today to receive your free copies and discover new paths to health and well-being.

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