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Extracorporeal Shockwave (ECSW) Therapy

A revolutionary treatment that harnesses the potential of shockwaves to disrupt micro-scars and help loosen tissue for healing.

Man is able to exercise after Extracorporeal Shockwave (ECSW) Therapy at Wellward.

Extracorporeal Shockwave (ECSW) Therapy

Every day, your body sees micro-injuries – a small jolt, a trip-and-fall, even healthy activities like exercise. These micro-injuries normally repair themselves initially with scar tissue, but with ongoing use the scars break down and give way to healthy normal fibers. As we age, however, our body's natural capacity to repair these scars declines and micro-injuries can accumulate into trigger points, weak joints, or even arthritis.

At Wellward, we understand that the accumulation of micro-injuries and fibrous scarring leads to vulnerability, pain, and limited mobility. That's where Extracorporeal Shockwave (ECSW) Therapy comes in.

ECSW is a revolutionary treatment that harnesses the potential of shockwaves to disrupt these micro-scars and help loosen tissue for healing. At Wellward, we believe that a holistic approach to healing is key. While exercise, proper nutrition, and rest are essential building blocks for scar repair, ECSW offers a unique opportunity to further enhance your body's healing capabilities.

Illuminate Your Healing Journey at Wellward

Step into a world where scars are transformed into renewed strength and vitality. Experience the transformative power of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy at Wellward, where cutting-edge technology and compassionate care converge. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of treatment, guiding you towards optimal musculoskeletal health and pain-hardy living.
Reclaim your body's resilience and freedom from pain. Schedule a consultation or learn more from any of our free resources and embark on a healing journey that transcends limitations. Wellward is your partner in unlocking the healing potential within you.

How ESCW Works

With each shockwave, the therapy gently disrupts the fibrous scars that have accumulated in your body over time. By targeting these areas, ECSW initiates the breakdown of the scar tissue, paving the way for rejuvenation.

As the fibrous scars are broken down, ECSW encourages the growth of new, healthy tissue in their place. This process rejuvenates your musculoskeletal system, restoring its strength and resilience.

ECSW amplifies your body's natural healing potential. By stimulating blood flow, promoting cell regeneration, and altering inflammation, it accelerates the healing process and alleviates pain.
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