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Ketamine Therapy

Leveraging the power of Ketamine to guide you back to inner wellness.

Man is pain-free after experiencing ketamine therapy with Wellward.

Revitalize Your Energy with Personalized Ketamine Paths at Wellward

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Tired of an endless parade of medications and one-size-fits-all solutions? Wellward offers three distinct pathways, each leveraging the power of Ketamine, to guide you back to inner wellness.

Ketamine is a unique medication known to 'reset' the midbrain—the hub for mood, painful memories, and even physical pain. This reset allows these areas to reboot, offering you a refreshed outlook on life. Clinical studies endorse KIT's rapid mood-enhancing effects, making it particularly beneficial for those unresponsive to traditional treatments for mood disorders, pain, or even drug addiction. Many describe the Ketamine infusion journey as enlightening, marked by floating sensations, 'out-of-body' experiences, or vivid visions that provide personal insights.

Wellward Employs Ketamine in Three Ways:

1) Rediscover Clarity with Ketamine Infusion Therapy (KIT)

At Wellward, we view medications as tools for self-care. Our KIT approach relies on the medical effects of Ketamine to uplift mood, treat neuropathic pain, or help with opioid dependence, but we go further, seeking sustainability through a supportive therapeutic environment that enhances the benefits of Ketamine. With KIT, you can embark on an enlightening journey to reconnect with your inner self and embrace life with fresh eyes, guided by your Wellward provider if desired.

2) Unearth Deep Healing with KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)

Unique to Wellward, KAP goes beyond mere medication treatment. emphasizing preparation and integration therapy as key parts of the ketamine treatment process. KAP unravels the complex roots of depression and anxiety, offering deeper understanding and growth with a therapist trained to maximize ketamine's benefits.

3) Journey Towards Renewal with Combined TMS and Ketamine Infusion Therapy (CTK)

CTK integrates KIT with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), reshaping your mental landscape. Like nourishment and exercise for your mind, this dual approach rejuvenates your spirit, opening new doors for growth and opportunity.

Embrace Your Path with Wellward

At Wellward, we believe in a tailored approach. Your journey, struggles, and dreams are unique, and that's why we offer these three distinct pathways, designed to resonate with your individual needs. With empathy and expertise, we're here to walk beside you, illuminating your path to a more vibrant life.

Schedule an appointment today , and let Wellward guide you to clarity, healing, and renewal. Together, we'll explore the pathways that best fit you, leading you toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.

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