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Navigating Complex Pain with Wellward's HEAL Framework

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Headaches, migraines, and facial pain conditions like trigeminal neuralgia are complex and poorly understood. Common treatments often involve over-the-counter medications, temporary solutions like botox, or medications that wear off over time. At Wellward, we have been at the forefront of advancing the science of headache management for years.

We recognize that headaches are part of a larger system. For example, the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) surrounding your brain depends on the patency of the spinal canal, which can be affected by the bones and discs surrounding it. Injuries or instability in the neck, for instance, can obstruct CSF flow and cause inflammation that accumulates into a headache.

At Wellward, we focus on treating the source of the problem rather than just addressing the symptoms. As described in our Orthobiologics Book , using our comprehensive HEAL framework, we conduct a thorough assessment of all the factors contributing to your headaches or migraines, enabling us to develop a long-term solution that empowers your independence.


Our proprietary Pain Mapping process allows us to systematically identify the various contributors to your headaches and understand the mechanical and chemical factors behind them. Treatment options vary, ranging from newer medications that target inflammatory chemicals to techniques that numb nerves and disrupt the headache cycle. Additionally, we offer options to stabilize the mechanical causes of your headaches using Orthobiologics.

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Constant headaches can disrupt the chemistry of your brain and have downstream effects on your nervous system. They can affect your autonomic system, which regulates your "fight or flight" and "rest and repair" responses. Headaches also impact mood and perspective, creating a feedback loop that contributes to chemical triggers. Understanding this interplay opens up alternative treatment options, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), stellate ganglion blocks, or even ketamine therapy.

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If CSF flow and spine mechanics play a role in your headaches, your movements and activities may inadvertently provoke them. Through a comprehensive movement analysis, we examine your spine and body mechanics to introduce targeted exercises and posture changes that can significantly reduce the frequency or intensity of your headaches.

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Identifying triggers for your headaches can sometimes be challenging due to delays between the trigger and the onset of a headache. At Wellward, we provide guidance on adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, making lifestyle changes, implementing coping and stress management techniques, and practicing self-care. These measures can influence not only the prevalence and intensity of your headaches but also enhance your sense of autonomy and control over your body.

At Wellward, our commitment is to provide you with effective, comprehensive, and personalized care for your headaches. Through the integrated HEAL framework, we offer advanced treatment options and a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of your headaches, empowering you to regain control over your well-being.

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