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Redefining Pain Management: Moving Beyond Opioids

Choose Wellward for a unique, comprehensive approach to managing pain medications.

Your Path to Recovery with Wellward

For decades, traditional pain management has been heavily reliant on opioids. However, research has illuminated the paradox of these drugs: while they may initially alleviate pain, over time, they can actually make the body more sensitive to discomfort. This phenomenon, known as rebound sensitivity, causes pain to be more volatile and unpredictable, often leading patients to believe their condition is worsening, when in reality, it's their nervous system being affected by opioids.

At Wellward, we champion a distinctive, more effective approach to pain medication management which has helped patients like Heather and Diane, two patients described in Fifty Shades of Pain. We believe that 'less is often more' when it comes to opioids. By offering innovative treatments such as ketamine infusions, we detoxify the nerve damage while addressing the underlying causes of pain. This method is designed to gradually reduce your reliance on opioids and reverse the damage caused by long-term opioid use. Our ultimate goal is to normalize your nervous system's response to pain all the while mapping the underlying cause of pain and treating it.

Choose Wellward for a unique, comprehensive approach to managing pain medications. We prioritize treating the root causes of pain and reducing opioid dependence, empowering you to break free from the cycle of escalating pain and regain control over your life. Visit our clinic to explore our state-of-the-art treatments and experience the transformative difference for yourself.

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