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Orthobiologics at Wellward

Until recently, the only medical treatments offered for chronic pain and degeneration were cortisone injections, pain medications, or surgery. Fortunately, advancements in Orthobiologics and a greater appreciation for the multiple body systems impacted by pain have given us the tools to actually regenerate a broken body. Orthobiologics, as described in the Orthobiologics Handbook, are procedures like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate), and ATS (Adipose Tissue Scaffolding) that can halt or even reverse these degenerative processes, without the side effects of cover-up medications or risks of invasive surgeries.

Learn More with our Exclusive Book on Orthobiologics . Discover the exciting world of Orthobiologics with our insightful book, detailing their nature and how to best utilize them in the context of our HEAL methodology.

Embracing the HEAL Methodology

At Wellward, we embrace the HEAL (Health, Energy, Activity, Lifestyle) methodology to take Orthobiologics to new heights, ensuring that you make the most of this technique:

Health: Mapping and Customized Treatments

  • Pain Mapping: We identify your unique pain components, laying the groundwork for personalized treatment.
  • Orthobiologics : We tailor these cells to your needs, accurately delivering them with image-guided techniques.
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Energy: Enhancing Healing Through Balance

Pain's influence on the nervous system can shift it into survival mode, altering various functions. By addressing and balancing these changes, particularly in the treated limb, we maximize the response to orthobiologics. This harmonized approach fuels your body's innate healing, forming a crucial part of the HEAL methodology at Wellward.

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Activity: Guiding Recovery and Growth

Active Engagement: We support you in gentle, purposeful activities that align with Orthobiologics' healing properties, promoting functional recovery.

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Lifestyle: Holistic and Sustained Healing

Full-Spectrum Support: We provide comprehensive guidance in lifestyle, hormonal balance, and circulation, ensuring these 'healing seeds' blossom.

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Woman is embracing the HEAL methodology to take Orthobiologics to the next level.
Join the Healing Revolution with Wellward Orthobiologics, woven into our unique HEAL methodology. Our holistic perspective ensures that these potent agents are used in a larger context, providing comprehensive and lasting healing. If you ready to explore this innovative path to well-being, click here to schedule a consultation or to request a copy of our book. At Wellward, we invite you to experience a transformative healing journey tailored just for you.

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